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Based in Otley, we are a leading provider of physiotherapy and orthopaedic massage to North and West Yorkshire. Here at Flexible Healing we believe in creating a unique treatment plan just for you. We pride ourselves in seeing each person as individual, your pain is always seen as personal to you and your life.

“It’s a fact that the human body is a whole, not just a sum of all the parts”

Each cell in your body has a connection with the next, and when Ros and I treat patients we pay attention to these very important links and internal messages, respecting the individual parts and problems but remembering the whole picture at the same time.

We always take a full history, sometimes asking questions that go way back into childhood to discover exactly when there may have been a fall, trauma, or life event that may have quietly laid the ground for low level tension through the nervous system, leading to a greater sensitivity to injury which almost becomes an ‘overreaction’ of the body.

Other times muscles injured at an early age just slowly adapt to the change caused, which only creates problems later in life. Often when people come to seek our help with pain or dysfunction , they have an underlying chronic dysfunction that has been there for years, exacerbated by movements such as a recent fall, lifting something heavy, strenuous gardening, or pushing it a little harder at their favourite sport.

To fix these problems we have a simple and effective process:

  1. We take a history to work out where the the issue beings, often where the pain isn’t being presently experienced. This will be where we commence treatment.
  2. Use the Hendrickson Method soft tissue mobilisations that reach both fascia and muscle.
  3. Explore how to best support your neurological response to treatment.
  4. Creating a movement plan to best support your recovery.
  5. In addition you could and would be welcome to join Sue at one of our Pilates sessions.

We always thoroughly explain our findings and your treatment plan. Our aim is for you to feel at ease and fully informed, so you can understand and be in control of your recovery process.

Combined, all these factors will create a pain free treatment and absolutely help fix your dysfunction.

Our practitioners, Sue and Ros, are both Hendrickson Method certified, and Sue is the UK’s first Hendrickson Method teacher.

Contact us today to book your treatment session.

If you are searching for a Hendrickson Method practitioner closer to where you live, please see our Hendrickson Method Practitioner UK Directory.


Are you a Professional Bodyworker?…

At Flexible Healing Training, we teach the Hendrickson Method of Massage & Manual Therapy. Our students include professionals such as physios, massage therapists, pilates instructors, personal trainers, chiropractors and osteopaths.

During all our training, we offer a unique, comfortable learning environment with the opportunity for lots of practical, hands-on work and one-to-one help.

Thoroughly enjoyable! The concept of the Hendrickson Method and its application will change the way I work completely. A fantastic learning experience, thank you!”
Kev Nolan, Massage Therapist

“Absolutely, Sue (and assistants) instil confidence in your ability – that by taking your time and working with the client you achieve the desired outcome. Loved it – thank you Sue, especially for your kindness and support with my ‘stuff’’.
Colette Dedman, Hendrickson Method student and massage therapist

“Another fabulous course – thank you so very much. Good for body, mind and soul.
A wonderful 4 days! Super, empathetic teaching in a wonderfully supportive environment so I could learn a huge amount.”
Colette Dedman, Hendrickson Method student and massage therapist

“Thank you for a consistently great learning weekend as always.”
Sally Pearce, Hendrickson Method student and massage therapist

“Sue is a fabulous teacher, I really enjoy the way she teaches. I am enjoying having a clearer understanding of the anatomy and the ability to be able to follow the lecture more efficiently.
Thank you for all your support and guidance over the last 4 days!”
Natalie Bagnall, Hendrickson Method student

“(The highlight) is to discover that your find so many ‘aha’ moments every time you come to one of these courses. Always feel supported. Never been on any other courses that give as much support. Always excited to bring it straight back (into clinic) with how it’s relative to the ongoing treatment of a person.”
Catarina Elander-Vickers, Hendrickson Method student and massage therapist

“Your generous and unreserved sharing of the benefit of your experience and wisdom (as always).”
Sylvia Jay, Somatics and Hendrickson Method student

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