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Hendrickson Method

At Flexible Healing Training, we provide a unique opportunity for all practitioners to experience and learn the Hendrickson Method. This cutting edge massage therapy and mobilisation of the body is totally unique, and for the first time is available outside of the United States.

Sue has developed her training programme in the UK alongside Tom Hendrickson. The training programme opens with a
three day workshop entitled ‘Introduction to the Hendrickson Method’.

This provides therapists with the unique opportunity to experience the Hendrickson Method without committing to an extensive training programme.

As an experienced physiotherapist of 27 years, Sue has developed a treatment protocol which focuses on enabling the patient to have influence over their own healing process, working from the patients own perception of comfort and reducing the risk of a secondary inflammatory response. This approach has become popular amongst both the sports community as well as people with more commonplace injuries.

The Flexible Healing Training workshops are a reflection of Sue’s clinical practice. The Hendrickson Method complements and confirms Sue’s beliefs that working from a position of ease for both the patient and practitioner is the way forward for massage and physiotherapy in the UK.

Below is some information on the types of training available.

Introduction to the Hendrickson Method

Introduction to the Hendrickson Method: Manual Therapy for the Spine training gives body workers the opportunity to experience the theories and practice of the Hendrickson Method.

This two day workshop gives therapists a foundation in the method, and is a prerequisite if embarking on the 128 hour Hendrickson Method Certification.

Hendrickson Method Certification

Upon completion of our Introduction to the Hendrickson Method course, students can progress onto the Hendrickson Method Certification training.

The Hendrickson Method Certification consists of four 4-day workshops, over a period of approximately 12-14 months; a total of 128 hours training.

The workshops covered are Cervical Spine & Upper Extremities Level 1 & 2 and Lumbar Sacral Spine & Lower Extremities Level 1 & 2.

As part of the course, there are written and practical exams. Upon successful completion you will be certified in the Hendrickson Method.

Hendrickson Method Study Days

We offer weekend workshops called Hendrickson Method Study Days. At these workshops we take an in depth study of a particular area. There is lots of open discussion and a chance to meet up with other like-minded therapists.

The two day training is open to therapists who have attended an Introduction to the Hendrickson Method or have the Hendrickson Method Certification.

Some therapists attend the Introduction and choose not to take the full training, however want to keep in touch with the Hendrickson Method and other HM practitioners.

One Day Training Workshops

We offer one day training workshops in Muscle Energy Technique and Postural Imbalances. Based on the theories of Vladimir Janda, these are stand-alone workshops open to any body work professional.


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