Postural Assessment workshop at NLSSM

During May I attended a Postural Assessment workshop at NLSSM –, with Jason Anderson, this is one to be recommended.

I went with the aim of consolidating knowledge, with the hope of a deepening and expanding. Jason was full of passion for his work, and could explain, with such clarity and good humour. His knowledge linked in with the work I have been doing with Tom around Janda’s theories.

I know I am always reflecting about the role of each muscle, in any given movement, are they agonise, antagonist, synergist, I often think that really each muscle plays a supporting role in what ever the action, always trying to keep the structure straight, the skill is working out which muscle is not ‘pulling it’s weight in any given pattern of dysfunction, Jason nicely confirmed my developing thoughts. Well worth the trip to London.

Giles Gamble

It was great having Giles assist on our recent workshop and you be glad to know he is coming back to define and reformat the Hendrickson Method workshops. Once practitioners are qualified Giles is committed to giving the therapist the opportunity to deepen and fine tune their massage strokes and skills

The new format for the Hendrickson Method Practitioner Programme starts next February and the additional workshop with Giles will start on the 8th February 2013 and will run for three days

Book Review: Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance

Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance, The Janda Approach
Phil Page, Clare C. Frank, Robert Landa

This book brings together a combination of postural techniques, neurology and functional capabilities to improve chronic musculoskeletal pain and promote greater functionality. Developed by Vladimir Janda, a renowned physiotherapist and neurologist, the Janda approach presents a unique perspective to rehabilitation. There is an emphasis on the importance of the sensorimotor system in controlling movement in chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes. This book is the only one I have found that offers practical evidence based applications to Janda’s theories.

His theories on assessment have been a clarifying process for me, and resulted in a truly profound breakthrough in helping one of my patients out of their chronic dysfunction.

I also found his theories on Muscle Slings and their Anatomical Keystone relationships most informative, in association with assessment procedure, they often have promoted new thoughts and perspective on chronic conditions.

New Workshop

We are hosting an additional workshop covering “Hendrickson Method – Lumbar Spine” which will be on 3rd and 4th of November at the Britannia Hotel, Bramhope. Full course details will be on the site within the next couple of days.