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Hendrickson Method Practitioner Programme

October 19

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Hendrickson Method is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy that combines a remarkable new method of massage called wave mobilisation with joint mobilisation, and muscle energy technique. It is profoundly relaxing to receive, effortless to perform and an efficient and effective way to treat chronic and acute pain while promoting optimum health.

  • This is an extensive programme that will train therapists how to get people out of pain and restore function for both acute and chronic conditions. 
  • Hendrickson Method provides treatment to the soft tissue, joints, and the nervous system. One of the fundamental objectives is to help the client feel safe and have the treatment be relaxing to receive and energising for the therapist to perform. To feel safe and relaxed allows the body to accept the change.
  • Hendrickson Method  soft tissue mobilisations are performed as rhythmic oscillations that enable the therapist to create stillness within themselves, giving space for deep intention, enabling full attention to the treatment you are giving.
  • Through these trainings we enhance your anatomy knowledge, which leads to confidently treating the whole body

This course is for both beginner and experienced therapists. It is designed for those just leaving college, or those who have completed basic massage therapy, as well as therapists with years of experience. Also movement teachers, both pilates and yoga have attended training in the past. It will enable you to become a Hendrickson Method Practitioner that is recognised by the LCSP register.

For those that have already been practising but want to develop their skills further, it offers a unique, gentle, extremely effective approach which yields incredible benefits for both patient and practitioner.

I have had a number of requests from Therapists, looking to train as a Henrickson Method Practitioner.  

I propose that I am going to aim to start the course in October of this year. 2024. The training will be a series of twelve weekends over an 18 to 20 month period

The whole of the cause is based around Tom Hendrickson’s book Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopaedic Conditions.

Each weekend referring to the corresponding chapter.

The first four weekends we will be exploring. The level 1 strokes.

  1. Lumbar spine and hips. 
  2. Thoracic spine and cervical spine. 
  3. Shoulder, wrist, and hand.
  4. Foot, leg, and ankle. 
  5. Assessment skills and SOAP notes. This is where we will put treatments together. Linking strokes, connecting the anatomy so it becomes a whole-body approach.
  6. This weekend will be a chance to review all the level 1 strokes. In my experience, this is what enabled me to understand the work at a deeper level and become a Hendrickson Method Practitioner.

These last two weekends enable us to embed knowledge that we have already explored. This gives us a chance to create precision, with our hands understanding why we are where we are in the body. It gives us space to connect with the softness within ourselves which will help us deliver the strokes in a non-threatening way, creating a feeling of safety for the patient, especially for those with long term and chronic pain.

These next four weekends are where we practise the more advanced Level 2 strokes, deepening our knowledge, skills, and internal energy.

  1. Lumbar spine and hips.
  2.  Thoracic and cervical Spine. 
  3. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.
  4. Leg, foot, and ankle
  5. Review of the level 2 strokes.
  6. This is the final weekend. And this will be a three-day weekend. We will assess your strokes. You will present two case studies. These will be presented as peer review. You will also have handed in 10 SOAP Notes.

At the end of each weekend there will also be a 10-question quiz.

The venue: will be The Britannia Hotel, Leeds, and Bradford.

Tea, coffee, and lunch will be provided each day. Also there is a special rate for attendees staying at the hotel. A full list of dates to be confirmed. Once we have an idea of how many wish to attend. 

The date are TBC once I know how many are interested.

If you are interested, please do contact me directly by email or phone.


October 19
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