Sports Injuries

We have many years of practice in treating sporting injuries, both those who take part at an amateur level and those who are of an elite standard. Their treatment plan has to be unique to them; where possible we attempt to create a treatment plan that allows them to maintain a degree of training through their recovery.

We have discovered that by devising pain free treatment plans, the rehabilitation is a shorter process. This is because we are not generating a secondary inflammatory response, leaving the body to only have to deal with the initial trauma.

Within the practice, we treat a number of sports people from elite runners, cricketers, rugby, golf, tri-athletes, martial arts and hockey.

“Sue understands me, my body my training schedule, I come in for treatment, and her assessment is through, always explained so I understand, She executes the treatment, then I am back to training quicker than anywhere else I have been”
Jose Hodgets [elite runner 10k]

“If it wasn′t for Sue I would be playing over 50′s over 60′s cricket for Yorkshire”
Miles Rawlings [Member of Harrogate Cricket Club]

“My son is a talented rugby player and has ambitions to be involved in the sport professionally. Sue has really helped with knee and hip injuries, and allowed him to continue playing and training with confidence. ‘She just gets it’ has been a comment we’ve made on several occasions, and her little pep talks during treatment are always interesting too!”
Susan Melville, Otley

When you come for treatment first we take a full history. You may be surprised how detailed this can be. We believe that we need the whole story to get the treatment right for you. This is followed by practical, hands on examination; from this we will discuss our findings, insights and a bespoke treatment plan will be devised and shared with you.

We never know how many treatments will be required, however we continually assess. Generally we say that a difference will be noted after 4 treatments and we will update our treatment plan to suit.