The Hendrickson Method

What is Hendrickson Method?

Hendrickson Method is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy that combines a remarkable new method of massage called wave mobilization® with joint mobilization and muscle energy technique. It is profoundly relaxing to receive, effortless to perform, and an efficient and effective way to treat acute and chronic pain while promoting optimum health.

Therapy that improves function, rather than just relieving symptoms

Hendrickson Method is unique in that it simultaneously treats joints, the nervous system and soft tissue, providing long-term benefits far beyond what can be realized through conventional massage. Hendrickson Method is suitable therapy for most orthopedic conditions, including low back and neck pain, hip degeneration, and rotator cuff injuries. It goes beyond just temporarily alleviating symptoms to help the body achieve optimum function.

Rehabilitating and relaxing at the same time

Hendrickson Method combines the rehabilitative benefits of manual therapy with the relaxing effects of massage. Everyone from infants to the elderly can enjoy receiving a gentle session that provides pain-relief and functional rehabilitation. This effective therapy is a pleasure to receive and can be done while clients are fully clothed and without the use of oil.

Massage strokes based on natural rhythms

At the heart of Hendrickson Method is a new massage stroke called wave mobilisation®, which was developed by Dr. Hendrickson and refined over the course of his thirty years of clinical practice. Based on essential Tai Chi principles of energy healing, these strokes are performed in gentle, rhythmic oscillations that mimic the energetic flow of ocean waves.

Healing for both client and therapist

By working with the internal energy healing system that forms the foundation of Tai Chi, this method allows a departure from the physical demands of traditional massage and manual therapy techniques. Hendrickson Method therapists learn to stay relaxed and supple, allowing energy to move through them with minimal muscular effort. Wave mobilisation® is akin to a “moving meditation” and leads to a process of “letting go” for the therapist. This process of letting energy move through you creates an energetic opening and personal transformation. Most of our students report profound positive changes in their daily lives as a result of learning and practicing Hendrickson Method.