Why I love teaching therapists

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I love to teach, to share what I have learnt over the past 30 years as first a Remedial Massage therapist, physiotherapist, and Hendrickson Method therapist.

I was first invited to teach by the Northern Institute of Massage back in 2003. Eddie Caldwell, the owner, said of me ‘he’d never met such a through, thought though therapist’ and wanted me to pass this on.

In 2005 the LCSP asked me to set up a cpd workshop for the register. It felt very confirming for me as a therapist.

I taught workshops on

  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Positional release
  • Upper and lower crossed syndrome

I began training with Tom Hendrickson in 2006 and in 2013 Tom made me one of his teachers.

In those early days, I learnt that a lot of therapists hadn’t always had an amazing time at school, their experience of being taught and learning had often been lacking and at times humiliating.

I am dyslexic, my experiences weren’t great at school. So, I wanted to make my classes accessible, a comfortable place to learn and explore new techniques without judgment. A place where questions can be asked, information delivered in such a way, it didn’t matter if you were a kinesthetic, audio, or visual learner. Which has led to a very open safe learning space with lots of conversation, debate, reflective practice.

My classes can be recorded or filmed with the clear understanding it’s for personal use only, never to be shared on social media.

Attending my NLP practitioner program helped me to be clear, use less words, set boundaries in class.

It gives me such delight to share knowledge in ways that it reaches everyone in the room. Watching therapist flourish makes me feel, this is my place in the world.

Knowing there are patients being treated by therapist that understand that treatment techniques that don’t over challenge the nervous system leading to feeling that coming for treatment is ‘safety’ in mind is essential, precise hands are essential. Making sure we truly see the whole of our patients, by hearing their story well to quote Tarana Bruke ‘if you don’t hear me, you can’t see me’.

Knowing there are therapists that understand treatment can turn on a pin and be able to re-do that plan without thinking they didn’t get it right.

Knowing there are therapists that know how to check their own ego.

Knowing when they are going into over treatment mode, and can self-reflect, asking what driving my thoughts today.

In class we talk about how we enable ourselves, because it’s only when we can help ourselves can we be truly present for others, free of our self-doubt.

All this along with a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology allows therapists to find themselves knowledgeable confident, kind, open honest wholehearted therapists.

Here are a couple of testimonials.

‘To quote- Rudyard Kipling

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Your words are not only nurturing but also inspiring and even more so they encourage us to explore where our treatment may lead or what avenue it may lead us down.

Thank you Sue, without your spark/input/guidance I wouldn’t be where I am now in my treatment or life’.

Sally Pearce Hendrickson Method Practitioner LCSP

‘Toms work has allowed me to further my knowledge and grow my confidence when treating clients. Sue delivers the workshops in a way that I feel I can understand the work and confidently take it back to my treatment room and practice, practice, practice. I have found since using the Hendrickson Method, I have much more progress with clients, I am so glad I found Sue who has always supported me through my career as a therapist’.

Natalie Bagnell Massage therapist & Hendrickson Method Practitioner







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