Whilst we know that we can′t cure asthma, our experience tells us that we have helped a number of people deal with some of the side effects of long term/ chronic asthma suffers.

We have found that a number of asthma suffers do develop poor posture, rounded shoulders which then compress the rib cage, inhibiting respiration.

A forward head position can lead to chronic headaches, even trigeminal pain, neck pain and dysfunction of the soft tissue of the neck and shoulders. By addressing this posture, we have discovered that patients have found that increasing their ability to breath in an easier, more relaxed way, eases headaches and many other symptoms.

When you come for treatment we first take a full history. You may be surprised how detailed this can be. We believe that we need the whole story to get the treatment right for you. This is followed by practical, hands on examination; from this we will discuss our findings, insights and a bespoke treatment plan will be devised and shared with you.

We never know how many treatments will be required, however we continually assess. Generally we say that a difference will be noted after 4 treatments and we will update our treatment plan to suit.