Covid – 19 Protocol

Flexible Healing has established a new protocol to treat patients safely amongst the pandemic. As a HCPC registered physiotherapy clinic, we are committed to continue to treat patients in need of care and will be acting in accordance with guidelines from our governing body the LCSP Register. These are the procedures we would like our patients to follow.

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What makes us resilient

I don’t you about you but in these strange times my mood dips and rises, going from feelings of inconsolable sadness to sunny moments when I feel full of gratitude, lucky and brave.

These strange times are asking us to dig deep into our souls and to find our bravery. They’re testing our resilience to keep going with our beliefs and values in place, our ability to find the inner strength and resources to be positive, upbeat and think ‘we can do this’.

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Case Study: Mrs A

At Flexible Healing, we do things a little differently to most. That’s why (with the consent of the individual) I’m going to start sharing case studies to explain our approach, treating our patients as individual people with individual problems. Here’s the first, which showcases how my training in NLP is instrumental in my practice.

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