What makes us resilient

I don’t you about you but in these strange times my mood dips and rises, going from feelings of inconsolable sadness to sunny moments when I feel full of gratitude, lucky and brave.

These strange times are asking us to dig deep into our souls and to find our bravery. They’re testing our resilience to keep going with our beliefs and values in place, our ability to find the inner strength and resources to be positive, upbeat and think ‘we can do this’.

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Case Study: Mrs A

At Flexible Healing, we do things a little differently to most. That’s why (with the consent of the individual) I’m going to start sharing case studies to explain our approach, treating our patients as individual people with individual problems. Here’s the first, which showcases how my training in NLP is instrumental in my practice.

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Time to choose, choice is always ours.

As we enter 2020, I smile, I am choosing to have a jolly interesting, life affirming 2020, full of friends and family moments, cycling with Mr. B, walking to see beautiful views with Eddie dog. Growing as a physiotherapist attending workshops where I am the student, enabling me to have space to reflect and grow. Providing workshops where I can share and teach knowledge gained after 30years of treating people.

2019 was a challenging year, where at times I felt choice had been removed, what was interesting was how I reacted. I would say I am resilient character formed in childhood. However, as the year went by throwing all sorts of challenges my way. I could feel myself being unable to choose. With an inner growing belief that I was helpless to change events and experiences around me, I became stuck in a sense of powerlessness overwhelmed by my perceived sense of lack of choice, I began to lose sight of my own personal power.

So, thanks to having space over the holiday period, I found myself with my copy of Jack Kornfield’s ‘The Wise Heart’, Buddhist psychology for the west.

On page 40 there is a wonderful quote form Majjhima Nikaya, ‘Develop a mind that is vast like space, where experience both pleasant and unpleasant can appear and disappear without conflict, struggle, or harm’.

This reminded me that I had let the years events seep into my soul, dampen my light. There are moments of last year that where not within in my power to change, there were others, where I had found myself holding on to painful feedback, after all it was only feedback, only their truth not mine.

Consequently, I am choosing to remember who I am, a funny, kind, energetic, knowledgeable, wise woman of 60 years, with lots still to share and give.

Another wonderful quote by Caroline Myss ‘Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that is the one that is going to help you grow’

What will be your choice for the coming year, ??

P.S Picture of my favourite reflecting field 🙂