Here are some of the fantastic things our attendees have to say about Flexible Healing Training:

“CPD workshops have allowed me to personalise my own development within my practice as a massage therapist and also on a personal level.”
Susan Oliver (phys) MLDuk [CDT]

“Amazed by the content covered in such a concise, clear way; that didn’t over load!”
Tina Carrot, Massage Therapist, Shap

“Thoroughly enjoyable course which has caused me to start thinking differently about delivery of massage technique and the desired effect upon the patient. The concept of this method and its application will change the way I work completely. A fantastic learning experience, thank you.”
Kev Nolan, Massage Therapist

“A fabulous experience – I feel so privileged to be involved in learning this method.”
Kath Nesbitt, Pilates Instructor

“In Sue Bennett, the UK has a presenter and interpreter of the Hendrickson who combines the technical knowledge of the work with clarity, care and flair. Sue manages to capture the spirit of the work with the sense of exploration and joy that we all share when we experience something that really works well for ourselves and our patients.
We are very fortunate to have Sue in the country as a local resource to both introduce us to this method and guide the future development of professional training in this method in the UK. This development will surely help massage therapy to take it′s rightful place within UK systems of Healthcare.”
Dennis Donnelly, Registered Osteopath, Remedial Massage Therapist and Body-Psychotherapist. Liverpool, UK