An Introduction to The Hendrickson Method

The demo video from our recent Hendrickson Method course in full

Here’s a little clip to give you an idea of how our class run. We always start the with breathing and a little Qigong we find this helps with becoming centred, still and ready for learning.

We always review the anatomy we are going to focus on for that workshop as recent research and cadaver work points the way forward with new discoveries . This then leads to a new understanding when treating patients, and how to best work with Tom Hendrickson’s soft tissue mobilisations.

We have different levels of experienced therapist in our workshop, all enjoy coming together to deepen our Hendrickson Method. There is a feeling of togetherness in the class with those therapist with a deeper understanding of Hendrickson Method sharing and supporting.

If you are interested in joining us on one of the workshops, we are running 2 Introduction to the Hendrickson Method workshops this year, one in June aimed at movement therapist, and one in September for new people to body work.

We will be commencing a Hendrickson Method Practitioner Programme in 2018, the dates will be confirm by the end of July this year.

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Future courses – Introduction to Hendrickson Method – June & October 2017

2 day workshops designed to give massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and Pilates instructors the opportunity to explore the Hendrickson Method without embarking on the full programme

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Introduction to Hendrickson Method – (2 days)

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