Introduction to the Hendrickson Method

We have an Introduction to the Hendrickson Method coming up in October.

It has led to a great deal of reflection. Over the last 27 years I have been on many training courses, learning lots of soft tissue techniques and manual therapies. My initial training began at the Northern Institute of massage and my first teacher was Beryl Harper. Her hands on work was inspirational. The main message Beryl wanted to convey was that we are successful when we are able to show empathy and compassion towards others through the treatment provided. There all lots of techniques out there for us as therapist to access. I wanted a technique that would allow me to work WITH the person not ‘AT’ the person.

The Hendrickson Method allows me to work across the fibres in a gentle, precise way that broadened the fibres, and access the fascia within the muscle without over challenging the body neurologically.

Both David Butler and Tim Beams research supports my findings with body work.

As I began the work on my own posture, I gained a greater understanding of how to enable my patients into accessing easier movement for themselves.

So our aims at an Intro are:

To gain an understanding and science of HM soft tissue mobilization.

  • How to talk to patient to enable them to feel comfortable and confident in the therapists’ skills and intension.
  • How to integrate movement into our HM treatment.
  • How to enable the people we work to make the best choice for themselves


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