Enjoy moving :-)

It was 5 years since seeking help form Claire Sparrow, Polestar Pilates instructor, owner of Chapel Allerton Pilates, a year since teaching my own classes.

As a child I always enjoyed moving, I enjoyed how it felt getting out of breath and recovery from that, I loved the walk to the top of the hill for the view, walking through fallen leaves, sledging and my favourite was my wooden surf body board. However when it came to competitive sport lots of enthusiasm on my part, but poor hand coordination left me always the last one to be picked in teams sports, and hearing  from teachers when frustrated with other children not been jolly at games,  ‘look even Susan Middleton is trying’, . I won’t pretend there hasn’t been dark days when I just wanted to be best at something!!

As an adult I still love the feeling movement gives me, a walk on the Chevin (local beauty spot). Climbing the hill just for the view, cycling along a sea side estuary. My amazing time with Claire who challenges my beliefs about my perception of my body. Encouraging me to take steps that might not have always happened. The results are far reaching, I stand taller than I ever have, new energy, and a renewed joy within myself, deep pleasure at feeling stronger to climb a hill, to paddle a boat, and just to breathe easier.

Then I get to share this with people I teach in my classes, it has been a profound privilege to watch peoples trust in me, seeing them move freer, losing some of their fear about moving, seeing them stand taller and smiling.

As a practice we offer Hendrickson Method, Physiotherapy, soft tissue mobilisation, all great technique’s to help us out of pain and injuries, all made more successful with movement, which could be a gentle walk, a gentle swim, Pilates, yoga, cycling, walking your dog, dancing it out in your front room to your favourite dance tack on your own (a secret special one of mine) just so it make you smile on the inside.


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