Our Stories inform our work as body work therapists

As I was preparing for the upcoming, Introduction to the Hendrickson Method, there a number participants who are fairly new to body work. It caused a deal of reflection within me, wondering when body work and movement became embedded with myself.

I believe we have to know our own story before we can hear another’s, its understanding where we are from.

I am from Bradford born on the 21st August 1959, on a hot summer’s night, disappointing my parents deeply as I was born a girl, with as I am told ‘twisted legs’. For the next four and a half months my Mum took me the physiotherapy department each day, where the therapist would massage my whole body starting at my big toe, up the front of my body down the back of my body. Then they would place my legs on splints and bind, them after 4 months they were straight. Then it is told I was walking by the time I was 9 months old.

I grew up in a very emotionally, at times violent abusive household, took the form in many ways. I learnt to watch how my parents and extended family moved, I soon worked how what movements meant danger, how to keep myself safe and ‘head them off at the pass.

I never did academically achieve or shone at school. I did notice that I had a huge curiosity for the world how it worked and the people with in it. My thoughts as a 12 year old what we were all just kind, and listened to people the world would be an easier place to be my senior school headmaster asked of us what did we want to be, he said he had great expectation of all of us not just the bright ones !! I knew deeply heart felt on my part I was here to help people.

These early life stories shape us, inform us as we walk through life for better or worse, we chose how and what we learn. Certainly as therapist I believe they inform the treatment’s we offer.



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