Leaning into the ‘pause’

Autumn, I truly enjoy the changing leaves, the rich colour that comes, so varied in shade, I love just this time ofyear. For me it brings reflection, reminds me that nothing is set in stone. There is always the possibility that nothing has to stay the same, we can be inspired to be brave. It’s also nature’s way demonstrating renewal and rest.

We find in the practice that the hardest challenge for most people is the take a moment for themselves, checking in with ‘efforting’, inner dialogue of ‘well I just have to’ and ‘I don’t like to so no’ even if they are tired over worked. What stops us from just ‘taking a pause’ this could be just a little sit down with a cuppa, and tune into your own breathing, or in a window space and view the world whatever that is. Giving time for gathering, reflection. We have read this spring   Shondra Rhimes , ‘A Year of Saying Yes’,  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Year-Yes-Dance-Stand-Person

We have been recommending the chapter on saying YES! to saying NO!, Shondra invites us always ask ‘is this good for me’. So in this season of change and chance, we can be brave, step a toe into putting ourselves first. As we are kinder to ourselves,  we often find we have the energy to give to others without it feeling draining, or feeling resentful both can be unhelpful to our nervous system.

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