‘Buffer Days’

Just a little share at busy time of the year.

I have been treating an older couple for a number of years, they have taught me so much about growing wiser with the passing years. Often in the therapeutic world we are taught that we need the teach our patients all about ‘ leading and pacing ‘, I have often found that must people with long term pain, feel it just makes them feel worse to be told this, slightly patronizing and limiting .

Well my wise older couple don’t pace and lead, the have a ‘ BUFFER DAY’ these days are for regrouping ,pottering , catching up on ‘stuff’…..ready for the next  moment that makes them smile, which maybe a longer walk, trip shopping, or off on an aeroplane to some sunshine. I have shared the BUFFER DAYS theory with many off my patients who totally take it on board, it has stopped them trying to cram too much in, as they plan in their BUFFER DAY. They find it empowering and has helped them manage their pain states much better.


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